Why you shouldn’t use target=_blank, and what to use instead

Update: It’s been pointed out to me (by x5315) that HTML5 didn’t actually deprecate the target attribute, so this is largely irrelevant; although it’s removed from XHTML 1.1, the ‘data-’ style attributes are HTML5, not XHTML. The only advantage is that people who disable Javascript also wont get ...

Academia Betclic

This campaign was a big success on the press, with more than 300 registration in less than 1 week. Website developed for a Betclic client acquisition campaign. Back office, user profile, PHP, XHTML, JQuery Design by Paulo Oliveira http://www.academiabetclic.com/contrato-de-sonho/ this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da publicidade.


Enoterapias is a video log, made to bring awareness to wine products. Personified by Tomas Caldeira Cabral a website, facebook and youtube page, serve as stage to bring monthly messages to the audience. Website design and developed in php, jquery and XHTML. http://enoterapias.com/ this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da ...

Paulo Rangel

Website developed for paulo rangel european parlement position. Backoffice, newsletter, agenda, video upload. PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript http://www.paulorangel.eu/ this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da publicidade.

Franciso Simoes

Architecture agency portfolio website, custom made javascript gallery and navigation. Web desgin by Balin (art director), Implementation and development whilst working for Inovadesing. Built with Jquery, PHP, XHTML http://www.fsimoes.pt/

Shapla Takeaway

Shapla is the name of the national flower of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi food stands out among the regional cuisines of India. Our style uses fresh herbs and Aromatic spices, usually stir-fried for maximum freshness of flavour and variety texture. Web site design and XHTML development, together with search engine optimization. see the website ...

Portfolio 2007

This was my portfolio for the year 2007. Project using XHTML,Flash, javascript and PHP It aimed to display all project in one page. This was great for search engines however it got to heavy once all my project were ...

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