Almorol hotel website

Almorol website for two hotels with online booking and payments.

Web Design / furnitu

Web Design / furniture, minimal, minimalist, clean, website, dark more on

#webdesign for #inte

#webdesign for #interiordesigning company, #it #web #design #layout #userinterface #website ...

#webdesign for #inte

#webdesign for #interiordesigning company, #it #web #design #layout #userinterface #website ...

Backbone.js Tutorial – Beginners – YouTube

Hi guys, we will be building the example below from start to finish. Taking all the content from the website, I've put together a 70 minute video which should get you up to speed with how everything pieces together. In the video we go through the steps ...

How to Win the War Against Conversion Friction

Friction is bad. Even the sound of the word is bad.And when it comes to conversion optimization, friction is really, truly very bad. It reduces conversions, frustrates customers, and eats away at your bottom line. Friction is the number one public enemy of conversions.I call myself a conversion optimization expert ...

Recess Ice Cream by

Recess Ice Cream by Farm Design , via Behance | #webdesign #it #web #design #layout #userinterface ...


The Enkoder Form Posting your email address on a website is a sure-fire way to get an inbox full of Spam. The Enkoder helps protect email addresses by converting them into encrypted JavaScript code so only real people using real browsers will see them. The Enkoder Form will encrypt your Email address ...

A comparison of Angular, Backbone, CanJS and Ember – Sebastian’s Blog   Selecting a JavaScript MVC framework can be hard work. There are so many factors to consider and so many options out there that selecting a framework can be overwhelming. To have an idea of all the possible alternatives have a look at TodoMVC. I have had the opportunity to use ...


Website design for the ODEMM research toolkit, for the University of Liverpool reasearch group. Website developmento to start, using drupal.

10 unexpected online user behaviours to look out for

When designing a website, there are key user behaviours that should be taken into account. But in order to take them into account, it helps to know them. Below are 10 of the more interesting and less well-known user behaviours that regularly occur in user testing: People have banner blindness People don't ...

Pasta do dia website

Website developed for client, the brief asked for a page flip website on a short budget I designed and developed the website in 8h using javascritpt, html and css this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da publicidade.

EasyJet prices management

Since we got the easyJet account we realized that the prices were transmitted via excel so we developed a system to automatically update the prices from their website allowing them then to control specific destination prices. This away all the banners landing pages and promotion had the correct data all the ...


website concept and developement for a new architectural reference website. this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da publicidade.

Green Ivy, website a

Green Ivy, website and mobile app by Alex Ds Karera, via Behance

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