Get a Jump Start on Your Next Web Site with This HTML Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re learning HTML or you’re a practiced hand and need a refresher, this HTML cheat sheet gives you a quick reference for commonly used tags, what they do, how to use them, and examples of how they work. The whole sheet is pretty large, so it’s worth bookmarking and coming ...

Coach Gentlemen’s Li

Coach Gentlemen's List by Kathrin Laser, via Behance

Shapeshifter – o melhor gestor de área de transferência (clipboard)

Shapeshifter (Clipboard manager) Shapeshifter screenshot #1 Shapeshifter screenshot #2 Shapeshifter screenshot #3 Shapeshifter screenshot #4 Shapeshifter screenshot #5 Shapeshifter screenshot #6 Unsurpassed compatibility. We're proud to have the only clipboard manager out there that truly supports any clipboard format you throw at it. Elegant design. Shapeshifter adapts to your Aero color theme in ...

7 Awesome Uses For PhraseExpress Text Expander

In my never-ending quest to find new ways to automate my activities in front of the keyboard, and to shave precious seconds off of my work schedule, I always appreciate new and creative technologies that serve that purpose. Of course, computer automation is something we absolutely excel in here at MUO. ...

19+ JavaScript Shorthand Coding Techniques

1. If true … else Shorthand This is a great code saver for when you want to do something if the test is true, else do something else by using the ternary operator. Longhand: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 var big; if (x > 10) {     big = true; } else {     big = false; } Shorthand: 1 var ...

Install Linux NGINX, PHP-FPM, MySQL LEMP & WordPress on Ubuntu

A LEMP stack is a group of open source software that is used to get webservers running. LEMP is different from your traditional LAMP (Linux Apache2, PHP, MySQL) stack as it uses NGINX (pronounced Engine X) and PHP-FPM which are both lightweight and optimized for performance without a lot of ...

20 Web Design Trends

20 Web Design Trends for 2015 With a new year just around the corner Red Website Design have taken a look at the trends the design community expect to see become more dominant in 2015.



Web Design / furnitu

Web Design / furniture, minimal, minimalist, clean, website, dark more on

20+ Best Website Des

20+ Best Website Designs for Inspiration! Creative Stuff

Bulletproof Email Background Images: Fact or Fiction? | In The Box: MailerMailer Email Marketing Blog   Back in 2011, I tested background image support in a variety of email clients. My testing revealed that background images can be easily added to the body of an email. However, at the table cell level, background images remained buggy in Outlook 2007 and 2010 — even with the ...

United Airlines Webs

United Airlines Website Redesign by Phil Rampulla, via Behance

#webdesign for #inte

#webdesign for #interiordesigning company, #it #web #design #layout #userinterface #website ...

#webdesign for #inte

#webdesign for #interiordesigning company, #it #web #design #layout #userinterface #website ...

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