How to Win the War Against Conversion Friction

Friction is bad. Even the sound of the word is bad.And when it comes to conversion optimization, friction is really, truly very bad. It reduces conversions, frustrates customers, and eats away at your bottom line. Friction is the number one public enemy of conversions.I call myself a conversion optimization expert even though I am not supposed to, according to industry peers. Another way of viewing my occupation is as a warrior against friction. I’m like Batman, fighting for conversions in the Gotham of friction. Friction is so expansive and pervasive that any attempt to optimize conversions is, in reality, a battle waged against friction.I hope this simple understanding of friction’s evil provides the nudge you need to do battle against friction and win more conversions.What is Friction?Since this is “an introduction,” we’re going to start at square one and assume you know very little about friction.Let’s begin with definitions, shall we?Here is the sweet-and-simple official Jeremy Said definition of friction:Friction is anything that gets in the way of conversions.Let me break that definition down a bit: Anything – Friction is broad, very broad. It can be anything from a slow-loading page to a typo in the checkout process. It can be a psychological color reaction in the mind of the customer or a broken link on your “buy now” button. Gets in the way of – Friction can slow down the conversion or stop it altogether. Conversions – Whatever its cause or cure, friction is, at its core, an impediment to conversions. Friction is a conversion killer.My definition is not the only one, nor the only right one. Friction has a variety of definitions, depending on who’s defining it and the context in which they’re defining it.Here are some additional definitions of friction:“To reduce friction on your website and increase sales, KISS your visitors – ‘keep it simple stupid’ for them. Make it as effortless as possible for them to purchase from you. Building signs of trust and security on your homepage and checkout flow is essential, as is improving error checking for your forms inline validation and helpful error messages are key. And go ahead and try purchasing on your website right now – you probably haven’t done it for a while. It will help you see examples of common visitor friction to overcome. And then get your mom to try too! ”
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