The ThemeForest Author’s Guide to Unbounce Templates – Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial

This guide will help you design and build a high-converting landing page for the Unbounce platform. Until March 12, 2014, Unbounce will be offering cash prizes to designers who submit new Unbounce landing page templates to ThemeForest in an event called "Envato's Most Wanted". Designers can get a free Unbounce account to participate in the event.

What We’ll Cover

Let’s quickly run down what we'll cover in this tutorial. Click the links to jump to the required sections.

Part 1: What’s a Landing Page?

Homepages vs. Landing Pages

Let’s compare the Webtrends homepage (left) with one of their landing pages (right). The homepage is beautifully designed and allows a visitor to accomplish a number of tasks. There are five concepts presented in the main promo area (via a rotating banner), four supplementary messages below that, and a total of twenty eight interaction points. However, marketing campaigns should be laser-focused, driving users to one single action. When designing a landing page to be used in marketing campaigns, the concept of Attention ratio needs to be considered. Attention Ratio (AR) is defined as the ratio of interactive elements (links/leaks) on the page, to the number of campaign conversion goals (which is one). On this homepage, the attention ratio is 28:1 meaning that there are twenty seven distracting actions and one desired action.

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