jCanvas | jQuery meets the HTML5 canvas

jCanvas came about from my fascination with the canvas element, a powerful new feature apart of HTML5. It caught my interest primarily because it allowed for an entirely new level of interactivity for the Web. With that, I began exploring what the canvas what capable of. I've always been slightly frustrated with the standard syntax for drawing on the canvas. I had to reference the context everywhere, frequently begin and close paths, set numerous properties, and recall a specific order for each method's arguments. I began wondering how this lengthy syntax might be shorted and improved. At that point, I conjured up a small jQuery plugin, which would later become jCanvas v1.0. As my experimentation with canvas grew, I required more capabilities and added more features. Today, jCanvas continues to grow as an alternative solution for much of the native canvas API. jCanvas was designed around a few fundamental principles:
  • The API should integrate well with jQuery
  • Every property should have a default value
  • Property order shouldn't matter

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