PS Uncharted3 Intro Master Final – YouTube

PS Uncharted3 Intro Master Final - YouTube. I think most of us have seen the “last standing” promotional challenge mechanic… Well, PlayStation and Uncharted have teamed up to create something a little more interesting for the launch the Uncharted3 game, using Augmented Reality for a who can last the longest campaign! It’s called Grab The Ring, first you activate your webcam and grab the augmented reality ring, once you’ve got hold, don’t let go… The person who holds it the longest will win a lazy $10,000. The best time so far today? 9 hours, 51 minutes and 46 seconds. It’s getting some great feedback on YouTube… But, it seems they are already posting how to hack the web cam so you don’t actually have to stand there! Shame you need to register for the site, no Facebook connect?

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