Parrot Carrot Safari

Parrot Carrot Safari on Vimeo on Vimeo via Parrot Carrot Safari on Vimeo. Following on from a whole bunch of Augmented Reality posts this week, it seemed fitting to include this, the Parrot Carrot Safari, a very cool digital extension to a new Australian Kids book, in the form of an Augmented Reality iPhone app that lets kids interact and extend book’s content. The physical book tells the story of a bunch of interesting animals that rhyme, enhancing that, the Parrot Carrot Safari app lets kids find those animals through the binoculars of the Augmented Reality iPhone App, where they can run around the house on safari trying to catch and release all the virtual animals from the book. I love the extension, it’s a great way for authors to create an enhanced experience and make an extra $1.99 in the process… I think we’ll see it filtering more and more into all sorts kids books over the next few years, and I can imagine augmented reality pop-up books and all sorts of things!

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