website concept and developement for a new architectural reference website. this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da publicidade.


jQuery Quicksand plugin

I love Mac apps, especially for their attention to detail. CoreAnimation makes it so easy to create useful and eye-pleasing effects, like the one in this video. Quicksand aims at providing a similar experience for users on the web. Documentation How it works At the very basic level, Quicksand replaces one collection of ...

jQuery Patch: Animate CSS Rotation and Scale I have created a monkey patch for jQuery (tested through 1.6) which enables you to independently set and/or animate both the scale and rotation of any HTML content with jQuery. This code uses the scale() and rotate() CSS transformations that are only supported by Webkit, Safari, Chrome, Firefox 3.5+, IE9, ...

HTTP access control (CORS)

Cross-site HTTP requests are HTTP requests for resources from a different domain than the domain of the resource making the request. For instance, a resource loaded from Domain A (http://domaina.example) such as an HTML web page, makes a request for a resource on Domain B (, such as an ...


LG / BENFICA facebook game

This is a Facebook game where users a given clues about a mystery player. they then have to pick the correct player out of the whole football team. The 3 top players are attributed a lg product prize. Developed and designed the game with a backoffice in php, html, JavaScript and ...


Cee’d sw 2012

Campaign for kia "É toda boa" (it's beautiful) for the web, Developed banners, website and Facebook game. Where user are invited to share their favorite parts of the car, the winner of the competition is the one that has the most creative comment of the part that has more votes. Created ...


Doubletake – Lab – Graham Bird   Doubletake dynamically updates the src of your images based on the browser width. Start with a small, mobile-friendly image in your HTML. Doubletake will use a defined set of breakpoints to update image SRCs when necessary. I'm using a couple of tools to help me resize the images on this page ...

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Widex promo email

this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da publicidade.

Defining your own functions in jQuery – Client-Side with Basil Goldman

Defining your own functions in jQuery. In this post i want to present how easy define your own functions in jQuery and using them. As you know, jQuery it's a very rich JavaScript library and it's a pity not to use all it resources. Ok. Do you want to create your own jQuery ...



Website developed for a book presentation template, fullscreen slideshow in jquery and wp cms. this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da publicidade.


BP online customer form

Developed the online BP online customer form and email, using jquery and php for the backoffice. this work was developed whilst working for Uzina da publicidade.


D3.js – Data-Driven Documents D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG and CSS. D3’s emphasis on web standards gives you the full capabilities of modern browsers without tying yourself to a proprietary framework, combining powerful visualization components and ...


cssSandpaper – a CSS3 JavaScript Library

The cssSandpaper JavaScript library looks at the stylesheets in an HTML document and, where possible, smooths out the browser differences between CSS3 properties like transform, opacity, box-shadow and others. This script is not only useful for developers who want to support CSS3 in IE (which doesn’t support it in IE ...

Why you shouldn’t use target=_blank, and what to use instead

Update: It’s been pointed out to me (by x5315) that HTML5 didn’t actually deprecate the target attribute, so this is largely irrelevant; although it’s removed from XHTML 1.1, the ‘data-’ style attributes are HTML5, not XHTML. The only advantage is that people who disable Javascript also wont get ...

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soonick/poMMo · GitHub

poMMo is very easy to configure and has a decent looking, easy-to-use interface. There is one configuration file that really only required MySQL database connection information and the system is off and running. It self-installs and does it in a way that it could be run “out-of the box”. Of ...

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